My journey as a blacksmith

If you have signed up for a course at the Calnan Anhoj forge you might be wondering who your tutor […]

Rules of Nest Building in a Pear Tree

Photographic diary Sometimes a sculpture takes a long time to complete. I started this pear tree in the spring of […]

Our bladesmithing courses during the Covid-19 pandemic

Changes for the better If you are signed up for one of our bladesmithing courses you will have received an […]

How to Make | Forged Flint Striker

IF YOU HAVE A FORGE AT HOME… These instructions below stem from back when we used to teach this at […]

Matter | Tool | Maker

THE BEAUTIFUL GREAT TRUTH ‘I discovered that the whole of reality is made of matter. Then human beings cover it […]

How to Make | Candle Lanterns

IF YOU HAVE A FORGE AT HOME… This is a lovely little project and I find the candle lanterns to […]

Public Seating Commission – Dickens Heath

Public Seating and Durability With public art and public seating, the concern is often durability. During a recent visit to […]

Make it Yourself

Art is Art – Everything else is everything else (Ad Reinhardt) At the studio we have a very straightforward way […]

The Ding-Ding And The Dong-Dong

Capturing our studio on film RTE KidSpeak! Growing up with both a father and a mother being metal sculptors calls […]

Nostri Plena Laboris (full of our hard work)

Award-winning Sculptors When you have worked to perfect something for twenty odd years, it’s great when some of your hours […]