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  • Swan Silhuette

    Bronze on Kilkenny limestone. Height 147cm. 2022.

  • Big Leaf

    A re-creation of a found leaf using heavily textured leaf-like elements held in a web. Forged Bronze & Kilkenny limestone. Height 185cm. 2022.

  • Curlew

    Curlew bronze sculpture on an oak plinth. Height 1.6m. 2021.

  • Rules of Nest Building in a Pear Tree

    Pear Tree Sculpture built from blocks of corten steel with cast and forged bronze pear, eggs and various nesting material. Height 1.4m. 2020.

  • Scots Pine

    Private collection. Corten steel and bronze. Height 147cm. 2021.

  • I built this fish from bark and sticks

    Private collection 2020. Co. Wicklow sticks cast in bronze with forged bark effect. Corten steel base. Height 1.3m.

  • On the Farm

    Legs, egg and feathers. Forged bronze. Height 24cm. 2020.

  • Herding Bull II

    Traditional joinery with moving parts! Forged bronze. Height 33cm. 2020.

  • The Book Tree – Burning Yet Flourishing

    125 year anniversary sculpture commissioned by Saint Andrews College Dublin 2019. Forged bronze tree on a stack of cor-ten steel books. Height 1.45m.

  • Sunflower

    Private commission 2018. Forged bronze sunflower involving the Fibonacci sequence. Height 198cm.

  • Arc

    Exhibition Vanishing Arts 2017. Forged bronze. Height 1.6m.

  • Hare

    Mill Cove Gallery Commission 2016. Forged Cor-ten steel hare. Height 1m.

  • Spill the milk

    2020. Bronze and copper garden painting with pandemic-poem by Gunvor Anhoj. Height 1.2m.

  • Whale

    Exhibition Crux 2017. Bronze. Height 43cm.

  • Rectangle Variation with Eyes

    2017. Cor-ten steel and bronze. Height 1.8m.

  • Nest

    Irish State Collection 2016. Bronze. Height 1m.

  • Feather

    Exhibition CRUX 2017. Forged corten steel. Height 1m.

  • Memory Farm

    2017. Corten steel and bronze. Height 1.7m.

  • Ginkgo leaf water feature

    Private commission 2017. Bronze and copper.

  • Cantilever

    Office of Public Works Art Collection (OPW Ireland) 2010. Steel. Length 2m.

  • Bird Bath

    Department of Foreign Affairs Art Collection 2012. Forged bronze. Height 1.1m

  • Birdbath

    Private Collection 2014. Bronze and stainless steel. Height 1.1m.

  • Bird

    Sculpture in Context 2017. Forged bronze bird. Height 1.9m.

  • Big Fish

    Exhibition CRUX 2017. Forged Corten steel. Height 1.3m.

  • Secateurs

    2016. Bronze and steel. Height 38cm.

  • Quill

    2016. Bronze and cast iron. Height 30cm.

  • Nevermore

    Private collection 2012. Bronze and bog oak sculpture. Height 33cm.

  • Man and Boat

    Exhibition CRUX 2017. Steel. Height 46cm.

  • Invictus

    Private collection 2014. Steel and bronze. Height 30cm.

  • In Memory

    National Crafts Awards, 1st prize, Royal Dublin Society 2011. Steel and bronze. Height 57cm.

  • Herding Bull

    Craft Council of Irelands permanent collection 2012. Forged iron. Height 30cm.

  • Delicate Little Blossom

    Exhibition CRUX 2017. Bronze. Height 55cm.

  • Curlew

    Private collection 2012. Bronze. Height 40cm.

  • Canoe

    Private Collection 2012. Bronze. Length 49cm.