Year of Design Russborough

Russborough celebrated The Year of Irish Design 2015 with a unique showcase of the resident artisans’ work in an open house exhibition & live music! President Michael D. Higgins visited Russborough that same year and we were honored he found the time to visit our exhibition; he has a special interest in arts and crafts. Each artist had especially made a piece for this event, Gunvor’s piece ‘Self Portrait’ – a cushion covered in butterflies – was a small ode to memories:

‘I sat across the table from my sister, when a memory came to me from our childhood, a brief recollection as light as a visit from a butterfly. Our connection felt stronger through our shared memories, than through our DNA. Are memories what makes us, are they our essence?’

Gunvor with her piece Self Portrait.

Michael in Russborough’s music room with Invictus.

Meeting Michael D.Higgins, a lovely man with a special interest in arts and crafts.