Our bladesmithing courses during the Covid-19 pandemic

On this page I will be posting updates in relation with our Covid-19 related course tweaks! The instruction videos will also appear here. If you are signed up for one of our bladesmithing courses you will have received an email outlining the changes we have made to the course program.

You might be wondering what design-options you have within the full-tang blade theme – so here are some examples:

Some blades forged during a course, these two have a bevel. You can also see that the tangs (handles) are similar but not the same!
The blades on these two full-tang knives are similar in shape and are both ‘straight grinds’ (no bevel as such) but they are polished differently. The one on the left has a partial polish, so some of the hammered surface has been left in. This is quite a popular way to show that the blade is hand made.
Another two full-tang blades.

To be continued! Looking forward to seeing you all in the autumn 🙂

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