Nostri Plena Laboris (full of our hard work)

Award-winning Sculptors

When you have worked to perfect something for twenty odd years, it’s great when some of your hours of toil gets recognized by means of awards! The first of the combined four Calnan & Anhøj awards went to Gunvor back when we were still in Art College in Hereford, England. The Stanley Allcard Cup is awarded by The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths for ‘outstanding ability in the traditional craft of the blacksmith’. It’s awarded annually to a student – nominated by the tutors – in this case Adrian Legge LWCB,FWCB, Dip.WCF himself, our tutor on the HND Design Crafts course. Some would argue that Adrian was simply afraid of Gunvor :)

The Stanley Allcard Cup

The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths is one of the oldest City of London Livery Companies and receiving the award was a fine affair. What to wear at such an event which involved a train journey to London accompanied by Adrian Legge and a dinner at The Painters Hall? Despite Adrian’s warnings ‘You’re Not wearing That on Wednesday Gunvor’ I arrived in style wearing what students wear best, coupled with what Michael called ‘fish-slippers’ on my feet. After a long and elaborate ceremony involving fur-coats, staffs and recitals there were several toasts to the Queen – and finally it was my turn. We had been seated quite close to the award master, but I was told to approach from a different angle. Alas… I got lost! I walked and walked to get to the top of the tables, the maze of people and tables getting more complicated by the minute. In the end everybody started clapping and cheering! Mortified I finally arrived at my destination…

Royal Dublin Society Craft Awards

As entrants of the Royal Dublin Society’s National Crafts Awards since 2010, we are proud winners of both 1st and 2nd prizes at this prestigious showcase for excellence in Irish crafts. In 2011 Gunvor won with her piece ‘In Memory’.

A friend passed away last summer. He is gone but will be kept in memory. The forked apple portrays the chosen one. The pip denotes my friend, caught in our memories and unable to return to life‘.

Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Purchase Award 2012

Michael won his award in the Contemporary Metalwork Category of the Royal Dublin Society’s National Crafts Awards with his piece ‘Herding Bull’. He received The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s purchase award, so the piece is now in CCOI’s permanent collection.
Herding Bull is forged from a gorgeous piece of wrought iron, a 200 year old piece of Russborough fence…

The 2015 Mill Cove Award

Every year at the annual Sculpture in Context Exhibition at the National Botanical Gardens in Dublin, the Mill Cove Award is awarded by the Mill Cove Gallery for a sculpture of distinction. Gunvor was delighted to see her piece ‘Fish’ win this prestigious award presented by John Goode.