Blacksmithing courses at the Calnan & Anhoj Forge, Russborough, Co. Wicklow.

Courses in Blacksmithing

Homo sapiens affiliation with tools goes back millions of years and people are clearly still preoccupied with it. Our one day workshops are very popular. Most bookings take place around Christmas as it’s an excellent present idea. Gift vouchers are available from our website. We have very good customer satisfaction, just look at the testimonials from past participants.

An Elemental Experience

Here’s your chance to learn how to master one of the basic elements of our civilization – iron. This humble material has helped build our modern world as we know it, and is literally present in almost everything we use. Our one-day introductions are designed to get you firsthand experience with the traditional skills of the blacksmith, working at your own anvil in small groups of six. All courses are suitable for beginners, men and women alike.

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