Our sculpture portfolio. We work with bronze and cor-ten steel from our Studio and Gallery at Russborough House, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Display of large scale garden sculpture and smaller indoor sculpture. We have been creting sculpture since 2001.

Garden Sculpture | Arc

Arc Exhibition Vanishing Arts 2017. Forged bronze. Height 1.6m.

Garden Sculpture | Cor-ten Steel Hare

Hare Mill Cove Gallery Commission 2016. Forged Cor-ten steel hare. Height 1m.

Garden sculpture | Spill the Milk

Spill the milk 2020. Bronze and copper garden painting with pandemic-poem by Gunvor Anhoj. Height 1.2m.

Indoor sculpture | Whale

Whale Exhibition Crux 2017. Bronze. Height 43cm.

Garden Sculpture | Cor-ten Steel | Rectangle Variation with Eyes

Rectangle Variation with Eyes 2017. Cor-ten steel and bronze. Height 1.8m.

Garden Sculpture | Nest

Nest Irish State Collection 2016. Bronze. Height 1m.

Outdoor Sculpture | Feather

Feather Exhibition CRUX 2017. Forged corten steel. Height 1m.

Garden Sculpture | Memory Farm

Memory Farm 2017. Corten steel and bronze. Height 1.7m.

Garden Sculpture | Ginkgo leaf water feature

Ginkgo leaf water feature Private commission 2017. Bronze and copper.

Garden Sculpture | Cantilever

Cantilever Office of Public Works Art Collection (OPW Ireland) 2010. Steel. Length 2m.