FAQ Knife Making

Q: Can I bring my own design? A: Yes, prior to the course I will email a basic guide to blade shapes and uses. Keep the blade length to a maximum of 15 cm (plus tang).

Q: I don’t want to make a full-tang blade can I forge another type? A: Yes you can sign up for the Iron Age Knives program instead.

Q: I am a complete beginner and have never done any blacksmithing, is this course for me? A: Yes, absolutely the course is meant for beginners!

Q: I have made some knives at home and done some forging before, is this course for me? A: No. If you are thinking of going into bladesmithing on a professional level and for a more in-depth program of the theory of heat treatments UK blade-smith Owen Bush’s courses come highly recommended:

Q: Will my knife stain during use? A: Yes, we will use carbon steel not stainless steel, so you will have to look after your blade. You can keep it clean with scotch brite (the green pads you can find in the cleaning aisles of a supermarket)

Q: I want to make more knives at home, do I really need to forge the blade? A: No. Just have a look at to realise the vast amount of process covered and see how minor a part the forging part plays in a modern knife forum.

Q: Will I be doing all the work on my blade myself? A: Forging, hardening and sharpening yes, but the use of power tools is reserved for the tutor only.

Q: Does the course cover handle making? A: No, we don’t have time (and some people use as much time on the handle making as they spend on the blade making – if not longer)

Q: I want a blade with a guard and pommel, can I make that during the course? A: No, we don’t have time.

Q: I want to make a Damascus blade, can I do that? A: No. You need to sign up for a 2 day course (

Q: There seems to be a lot of knife terminology used on knife forums, will the course teach me some knife lingo? A: No :-)